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Trainers Training ABNLP Certification with Drs Tad & Adriana James

So, you have completed Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line TherapyTM and want  to get the next level which is to be trained as an ABNLP Trainer.


You have been certificed by the ABNLP, ABH and TLTA to Master Practitioner level and are now brandishing your certificates at all and sundry as well as putting into practice everything you have learned with clients, colleagues, customers and heaven forbid........your family!


I do realise you have a choice of companies who offer Trainers Training and I am only recommending one.




Well, I was trained by Drs Tad and Adriana James and I am still of the firm belief that you will be trained to the highest level possible and additionally they still, after all these years, provide ongoing support to you as a Trainer and get you prepared for properly running NLP courses as the most skilled trainers in the market place today.


They also offer ongoing support, attention, in depth knowledge and a wealth of opportunities and contacts plus the feeling of belonging to a close knit community which completely sets them apart from the others.....and remember......they trained us!


On top of that, you are going to the USA or Australia to complete your Trainers Training AND it still works out cheaper than doing it in the UK!


NLP Trainer's Training Content


  • Teaching to the conscious/unconscious mind simultaneously

  • Creating moment to moment state control in your audience

  • Controlling energy in the room

  • Using nested loops and multiple embedded metaphors

  • Creating effective stage anchors

  • Expanding vocal flexibility

  • Demonstrations and demo subjects

  • Understanding learning styles and training styles

  • Training design and sequencing

  • Handling and utilizing objections and hecklers

  • Demonstrating content as you teach it

  • Making future subjects easy to teach using pre-teaching

  • Behaviorally demonstrating content as you teach it

  • Giving effective feedback

  • Get rid of your worst fears before they happen

  • Training room design

  • The business of training -- sales, marketing, financial statements, etc.

  • Trade secrets and tricks of the trade




1. Previous training in Practitioner Level NLP is required for attendance.

2. Certification as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner is recommended.

3. See Trainer's Evaluation for further Prerequisites if interested in possible certification.


For the full content and information on the course please go to: www.nlpcoaching.com/nlptt.html






Tad and Adriana