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Psychological Performance for Sport Course

The course is run over 1 day from 9.30am to 6.30pm. This is under my psychological sport performance company, Ironpsyche.


This course is for individuals who would like to learn and understand psychological techniques that can assist in recognising and dealing with limiting factors holding you back in performance and results. From time spent during Masters at Kings College University London and her current research, going onto PhD her research focus has been on desicion making and reaction in high pressure and time critical environments.


Problems can occur which restrict what you are ultimately capable of - anxiety, repetitive behaviours or problems and blocks. This 1 day course is about the use of NLP techniques to follow the structure of these problems, understanding why they are currently happening and giving you tools to divert or change the behaviour.

Essentially - this is a basic course which does not replace other forms of sport performance. It is an additional tool that, when used correctly, can have some profound results.


It's all about results - every person is different and the essence of what is taught is based on your ability to apply it to you. When I work on an individual basis, it is about me adapting to the client, using interventions and strategies until we start getting results. On a 2 day course like this, I give you the information and practical exercises to see the results. Before you leave the course you will know how it works on yourself.


Emma studied and adapted the techniques learned through her work with many athletes and her own personal competing to perfect the ways to easily change and improve performance. It is not "miracle" stuff. You have to be in a place where you want to implement change. Those who benefit the most are ready to make changes and explore new avenues.


This is how it works:

You will receive instruction and have one to one tuition in techniques to elicit the states of mind that you perform the best in. The major benefit of this is that when you come on the course you will be able to spend that time identifying your own personal issues and limitations and change them during practical exercises. All under the guidance and personal attention of Emma, the course tutor.


The course is very much hands on and you will leave feeling more confident in your abilities, excited about putting into practice what you have done and feeling so much more positive about your own abilities. This is unlike many other courses where the practical side is given less time. We feel it is important to become really familiar with the techniques associated with psychology, neuropsychology, visualisation techniques and achieving your ultimate goals.


Even in a short 1 day course you will learn much about your beliefs and self imposed limitations, plus a few sneaky very small techniques which will help you misinform your competition!


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