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Even in a short 2 day course you will learn so much about your beliefs and self imposed limitations, plus a few sneaky small and effective methods of diverting your opposition!


During the Intensive Personal sports Development Weekend you will learn how to use to use NLP and other applications in:


+Pre competition build up

+Initiate your competition state easily

+Find your best competitive state to produce your  results.

+Asses your competition

+Get past sticking points

+Overcome confidence issues

+Apply many of the techniques you learn to your every day life





+How to Create your Best Competitive State:

+Understand your best state of mind for results

+How to take control of those states and reproduce them when you need them

+Understand the link between mental state and physical response.

+How to apply this to your training and competitions

+How to Increase Confidence in Performance:

+Understand how confidence directly affects physical performance.

+Learn and experience confidence building techniques

+Use the confidence effectively to produce better results.

+Learn how to adapt these techniques to varying needs

+Use this to create more belief in ability and create a more solid performance and push through barriers

+Utilise this to increase goals and set them so they are achievable

+Master Visualisation Techniques:

+Understand how to use visualisation techniques effectively

+Learn about the conscious and unconscious mind and how visualisation techniques work with both.

+How to make visualisation work in varying situations and how to use them for getting through performance fatigue

+Use them to break through barriers and limitations you had set for yourself

+Shatter goals you used to have and understand how to create bright new ones



+Understand your own motivation and if you move towards your goals or away from a negative

+Learn how each person has different ways they are motivated and why

+Find what motivated you the most and learn how to harness it to give you drive

+Overcoming plateaus and mental blocks:

+Learn what happens to cause this

+Understand the process that caused the plateau/block

+Learn basic techniques of how to deal with them

+Turn a stuck state into a driver to get you the results you want




Understand how these strategies impact on your performance

Discover how to recognise them (even though you probably recognise them already) and learn how to address them




Receive personal help and instruction on how to Increase your specific targets. Even though you are being instructed as part of a group, each person will be asked their own specific needs from the course.

If there are any issues, problems or targets you feel are not within the actual course that you would like then you will also get assistance in either dealing with them during the course or being directed to someone who can.


So  what do you get from the course?

Throughout the course, you will be experiencing various techniques that would normally be used with professional athletes on a one to one level but over months of work. This is a seriously intensive course and is very hard work as I am giving you as much information as I possibly can and doing as many group techniques as possible.


As well as the practical information and all the exercises, at the end of the course there will be an opportunity to set all the new goals you have in your future and it will be done step by step to ensure you effectively plant them so they are a continued source of drive and inspiration.

Course Content

Understand Your Motivation

Unproductive States of Mind and Repetitive Problems

Ultimately Produce Better Performance

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