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NLP Sport Masterclass - exclusive to Emma James Training

This course is for  you, the qualified NLP Practitioner who wants to learn how to apply those techniques for sport application with clients,  coaching, team dynamic work etc. This is open to all qualified practitioners from any Governing body. This course is EXCLUSIVE to Emma James Training.

It is exclusive due to the fact Emma James has used and evolved these techniques with her own competing, her client's performance and also having been a trainer of NLP Sports courses for years. These are adapted from her own work and cannot be replicated by any other company.


The mental aspect of performance can account for up to 60% of overall results so understanding and being able to change behavior and mind set is vital to anyone's results including physical behaviour from repeating problems and also specific types of thought processes and problems which are common to a majority of competitive athletes..


Neuro Linguistic Programming not only gives you the opportunity to understand why you have certain responses to various situations and events but also disassembles your make up. As you will know, this is absolutely critical in being able see which areas can be improved to give the athlete their ultimate performance.


During the course we also teach the techniques needed to change confidence, belief, behaviours, repetitive problems and apparent barriers we think we have. You already have the tools, there just has to be an understanding of when and how to apply them and what effects you can gain from them. We also cover universal issues which occur and the approach to take with them.

However, remember that each person is unique and you will still have to think on your feet, probably in the middle of a freezing track somewhere in winter!



For the overview of what is covered, please read on

Section 1

Neurological Competency


Section 2

Negative Thought Processes - how to understand and change them

An extensive subject covering almost the full range of NLP Practitioner techniques


Section 3

Anchoring Techniques for Physiological Change

This is an in depth view of how to change physical reactions with anchoring techniques.


Section 4

Sub Modality Techniques - adapted for sport application


Section 5

Creating Performance Focus - only a sports person knows how this feels and can teach it.


Section 6

Visualisation techniques adapted and how to adapt them for the client and sport


Section 7

Common problems experienced by sports people which you will probably have to deal with and associated approches you can take to treat them.


Section 8

Ongoing support platforms for the athlete or team post appointment.



During the live 2 day course you get:

  • Interaction with the Trainer and one to one work for yourself or advice in your field.

  • A questionnaire prior to the course in order for the trainer to ensure relevant content for your field is covered.

  • A manual with review of the techniques and vital material

  • Live demonstations and Q&A sessions

  • Ongoing post course support

  • Oh and tea, coffee, water, biscuits, nuts and protein shakes etc during the live course.


I have only given you a brief overview of the sections as a few companies keep pinching my content for their courses and web sites even though it is copywritten! If you could please fill in the form below and I will send you an e-brochure with much more comprehensive information of the course so its more difficult to nick my material!










Taught by 12 years NLP Trainer, Psychologist and performance lecturer

The 2 Day course

Content Overview

NLP Sport Practitioner Certification

2 day course for NLP Practitioner Certified participants

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