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Hypnosis for Sport Practitioner Certification - ABH accredited



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Would you like to be able to train and/or compete without the constant "what if" and self doubt thoughts running through your head? The constant double checking in your mind of what you must remember to do and not do? Would you like to become certified to do this with others and reveal thier potential?

Well, with hypnosis in sport this is achievable.

Most athletes will have a breakdown of thier strategy which over in thier head endlessly and frequently it is about what they should NOT do rather than what they should.

This is for individuals and coaches to learn the art of hypnosis on a practitioner level but in a direct and indirect way. If you are a coach, it isnt really realistic to put your client into a formal trance in the middle of a training session but there are indirect ways of embedding commands and suggestions which is all part of this course.

This course will give you a Practitioner of Hypnosis Certification accredited by the ABH but specifically designed for sport use.

Remember, I actually use this with clients and myself so its in use every day.

So, the course includes:

























Learn how to use it with clients

What conditions you can use it for after certification

When to use Hypnosis with a client

The legal aspects and safety for the Practitioner


The Sport Hypnosis Practitioner has all the above criteria as the Hypnosis Practitioner course and will teach you all the same components except that it is specifically geared to using it in a Sports application.

Again, it is a 5 day course and has pre course study and a written exam prior to attending the course.

All the techniques learned are related directly to when and how to use them in Sport for group work or individual and will teach you many other techniques and Language skills which will give you hidden insight into the people you are working with. This will then also give you a leading advantage in producing better results with a more confident, self assured and responsive athlete. It also gives you the keys to unlocking barriers created and limiting beliefs about their performance ability.

The Hypnotic inductions learned are demonstrated in a covert sense  as well as a formal sense depending on the results you require.

Each applicant is sent a full enquiry form so that it can be ensured whatever that applicant is specifically looking for will be covered.


Indicators of Rapport using sensory acuity

Learn how to match and mirror physiology for instant rapport

Pacing & Leading

How to create rapport with a group

How to create rapport using language



Understand how to use language so effectively that you will be able to communicate at any level

Learn advanced skills to really understand the other persons viewpoint and thus enable change to occur

Elicit the state of curiosity with your listeners and use this to create motivation

Understand how to use metaphors to cement your point & suggestion

Learn  Milton Model language and its vagueness to create effective embedded commands

How to use all these language skills to create change during an altered state of consciousness



How the world is built and represented inside our minds

Understanding Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic representational systems

Learn how to use and match language predicates to take communication to a new level

How other people represent the world and how to really communicate with them effectively

Understanding beliefs and how to change negative beliefs



The use and implemention of 3 different Hypnotic inductions.

The use of embedded commands

How to use suggestability testing

When to input post hypnotic suggestion and what the citeria are

Practice with individuals and assessment

A group induction