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Pressure Performance Training & Critical Response


Performance Under Pressure and Critical Response Training

Pressure Performance Training is a customisable solution for high pressure industry and departments where instantaneous decision making is critical. It provides the basis of understanding automated response and unconscious decision making, the behavioural aspects of performance in a critical situation and management plus recognition skills of precarious or irrational reactions.


Why does pressure performance training make a difference in a critical environment?

For key team and section leaders, being able to understand the biological and psychological process of behaviour in a highly stressed environment can lead to the success or failure of an internal strategy which needs to be automated and effective throughout the chain of personnel.


Being able to recognise behaviour in other colleagues during a high stress situation and manage it effectively with the understanding of the biological and psychological effects which are happening within that environment are key to ensuring optimal decision making. This training provides the elements required to manage not only your responses and recognition of your reaction but also those of others and how to respond.


We provide this training from the basis of elite sports performance under high level pressure which then transposed into high level pressure and adrenal fatigue and fluctuation in trading environments right through the RAF. The basis of the behavioural elements is from the experience of Neuro Linguistic Programming Training design and also psychology and neuro.


From 30 years of international competing experience, 9 world titles and multiple world records  plus top tier NLP Trainer status, qualified psychologist and years working with individuals and business groups, our training gives you the edge and insight that others cannot supply. Our services are only for those truly understand performance at critical level and include optimisation  training and techniques as well as problem solving.


Current Research

From research being carried out on gender recognition and the decision to shoot, formerly at Glyndwr University and now being carried onto PhD research by Emma James on a neurological and social psychology basis, these techniques are being developed month by month. Research involving cortisol and HPA stimulaiton are the main drivers for the research and how they affect response in individuals.

We have previously carried out trainings for organisations like the Royal Air Force which have proved successful although the details of these trainings you will need ot request as they are under copyright.


For further information about these trainings please contact us directly and we will be happy to send you a outline brochure. All courses are tailored to individual company requirements.




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