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Personal Therapy & One to One Sessions

Please note that very currently I am working with only a few patients, clients and athletes due to time constraints.


The ongoing research, lecturing and academic studies have limited the time for personal one to one sessions. For the moment only Skype-sessions are available. We have helped numerous patients, clients and athletes via these sessions, so if you are interested in personal sessions, please contact and your session via Skype will be arranged.


The sessions which can be arranged are below:


Individual Sessions by Skype - UK

1st Session which is up to 2 hours is 120.00 pounds

Each session after that which lasts one hour is 75.00 pounds sterling per session.


Due to research work, University and lecturing, I only now offer Skype sessions. These are arranged at a mutually convenient time and are an effective and invaluable session tool. These can be performance, therapy or optimisation sessions and all sessions are concluded with a task list for the client for post session evaluation and progression.


Skype Sessions for Internaitonal clients

I have a number of international clients and we carry out live sessions over video link at pre arranged times. These sessions can be just as effective although we do run international clinics along side the IronPsyche seminars.



1st session which is one and a half  hours 120 pounds sterling (please use conversion rates for your currency)

Each session after that is 75 pounds and is a maximum of one hour and can be used for ongoing coaching sessions.


Touring Clinic Sessions (usually held by a host)

We run clinics along side the IronPsyche seminars and limit the length of time for the appointments to one hour. Please check our tour dates for clinic locations and dates in the

uk and USA.


One hour session: 85 pounds sterling ($120) for non IronPsyche Seminar delegates

                                   65 pounds sterling ($100) for attendees for IronPsyche delegates



Personally Designed Monthly Performance Mentoring 1-2-1

This is for the competitive athlete who wants to deal with ongoing psychological performance issues or optimise their performance through psychological technique.


I take very few clients of this nature and prefer not to call it "coaching" as it is an interactive and challenging programme for those who have the commitment to follw it.


In the first month you will be asked to provide information regarding specifics of the issues, what you require as the outcome of the mentoring and also a list of questions to determine your personality type, internal dialogue and neurological responses. From this a date will be set for a first Skype session to discuss the issues and design your programme.


You will then have 1 weekly half hour online chat session to establish your response to the techniques set and your progress. At the end of the 1st month, you will have one more 1 hour Skype session for amendments or changes that are required as you progress.


Each month after that, your pricing will include a new programme baased on feedback from you, 4 half hour online chat sessions which is one per week providing you with support. You will have email access to me for questions which will be responded to within 24 hours.


Fees for this service, should it be available to you are:

1st month: £150

Each month after that £75

Subsequesnt Skype sessions for monthly mentoring clients after the initial month are £60 per hour.


This can be used for psychological performance issues and pre competiton build up.

One to one gym sessions to deal with any issues during training or pre competition are charged at