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NLP Sport Coaching - exclusive course to Emma James Training and accredited ABNLP certification


A very exciting development in NLP is the combination of the Practitoner Course and Coaching criteria. This is an exclusive course to Emma James Training Ltd and approved by the ABNLP and NLP Coaching baords. We are very pleased to have been granted facility to teach this ground breaking course for anyone who is interested in using NLP and coaching techniques in sport over an extended period of time with a client.


You will be certified as an NLP Practitioner for Sport Application AND also NLP Sport Coach Practitoner - a longer course with even more information and results based techniques.


The added bonus of NLP sport Coaching is that you are able to evaluate and assess your client or team over a period of time and are looking at thier continued progress.

The course takes basic coaching elements and puts them into a Sport context which means you will have the skills to elicit thier values in thier sporting career and in various areas of thier training and competing. It means you can adapt as they grow and change continually producing results.


This is done with a very valuable element of the coaching training which is a profiling system based on the Clare Graves values levels and helps you understand thier personality make up and also wil give you the tools to change it as well if required.


For instance, if you or your client have a motivation loss just before competition and it has become a repetitive problem, then as well as having the skills to understand it, you will have a system which will break down the key elements of what is causing it, assist you in assembling data on thier personality make up and therefore be able to design long term training and competing plans based on that to consistanly improve performance.


To coach anyone over an extended period of time means you need the tools to monitor the changes which happen as you/they change through experience and how what is important to them can change also. You will be able to recognise this quickly and redesign your strategy for training, mental performance training and results.


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