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We provide 4 types of courses for sports people:



This is a  performance optimisation course for individuals.

A 2 day course that teaches techniques to individuals to optimise performance has taken years of work and accumulative experience from using these techniques not only with clients and teams, but also for my own performance.





This is taught specifically for sport application in coaching, mental coaching for sport and  personal performance application. We have additional sections on visualisation techniques and how to apply the language and communication modules directly to coaching.  This is also for use with your opposition! On this course there will be a mix of athletes, coaches and mental performance specialists.


This is a fully accredited ABNLP Training and you will receive full practitioner and master practitioner certification - however it is taught completely for application in sport, coaching and performance.





This course has all the elements of the NLP Practitioner for Sport Application course, taking an ongoing coaching approach to working with athletes.

It also incorporates the acclaimed Clare Graves Values eliciation training and teaches you how to evaluate your athletes values levels in their competing, career and personal life, coupled with techniques on how to alter and work with them. A major step forward in mental coaching and performance training. This course is exclusive to Emma James Training and is accredited by the governing body of the ABNLP.







This is for those of you who have already qualified as an NLP Practitioner and want to learn how to apply those techniques for sport application with clients,  coaching, team dynamic work etc. This is open to all qualified practitioners from any Governing body. This course is EXCLUSIVE to Emma James Training.





NLP Practitioner Certification for Sport Application

NLP in Sport Accreditation for NLP Practitioners

Personal Psychological Sport Performance Optimisation Course

NLP Sport Coaching Practitioner Certification

Exclusive to Emma James Training


Accredited NLP Sport Courses

  • 12 years of teaching Neuro Linguistics

  • 30 years of competing internationally

  • Working directly with athletes, from amateur to elite

  • Founder and President of one of the biggest Powerlifting Federations in the UK