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NLP Sport Practitioner Certification - taught by Sport Professionals and creating excellence


No one understands what it is like to compete until they have been there.

Many courses offer mental sport instruction run by people who have never competed. This is where we are different

We prove it - not theorise


We were the original creators of NLP in Sport courses in the UK, the USA and in Nepal with the Olympic Team. We are still the only company who has trainers who are not only highly qualifieid Trainers but also professional competitive sports people. We work with individuals and teams to find their ultimate potential, overcome problems and regain motivation and that burning drive which we all had at one time and sometimes burns at a low ebb.


The NLP Practitioner Certification for Sport Application course is designed for a more in depth view and application of NLP and all its techniques for the sports person, those interested in or coaching sports.


We run our courses through the UK and USA.  Your Trainer Emma Ylitalo-James has competed internationally for over 30 years, holds 9 world titles and multiple world records. She is also the founder of the British Powerlifting Union, one of the biggest powerlifting federations in the UK and under the governance of the 2nd oldest powerlifting World body, the World Powerlifting Congress.  


The mental aspect of performance can account for up to 60% of overall results so understanding and being able to change behavior and mind set is vital for optimal results.


Neuro Linguistic Programming and psychology not only gives you the opportunity to understand why you have certain responses to various situations and events, but also disassembles your make up. As you will know, this is absolutely critical in being able to see which areas can be improved to give the athlete their ultimate performance.


During the course we also teach the techniques needed to change confidence, belief, behaviour, repetitive problems and apparent barriers we think we have.


Communication and learning how to read someone is also essential when coaching or competing against others. This course gives you the tools to hear what someone is really saying and learn the responses that give you the true meaning behind the words and body language.


Understanding someones language, internal dialogue and behavior is also a huge insight not only into ourselves but of others. It can be a major advantage in any competitive situation.


Emma works with a number of professional athletes from widely varying sports like Golf, equestrian, strength and track disciplines. She believes in practicing what she preaches and has gained World Records and optimum performance using the techniques taught on this course.


So, who would gain from this course??

Anyone who has an interest in sport, competes and wants a much deeper knowledge into the NLP mental application of performance.

Anyone who coaches and needs to be able to manage and understand their athletes whilst producing optimum results with them.


What are the basic elements and techniques?

You learn everything that is part of the NLP Practitioners Certification Course, specifically designed for sport application and some extra highly effective techniques used with Emma's clients which are unique and will not be found anywhere else.


The basics of the course are:

Understanding how you view your own performance and the elements of your personality which have got you this far.

Learning what motivates you and various techniques for creating motivation overall and at critical times

Understanding what creates confidence and self esteem and what factors they play in performance

Processes for creating confidence in ability and goals

Techniques for changing behavior and response to various situation and problems.

Learning how to change a repetitive problem

The ability to create absolute motivation and belief in goal setting and the keys to making it a reality.

Understanding the mind to body connection and reactions, what stimulates it and how to alter the responses.

Removing barriers stopping you from getting to your optimum performance

Learning how to read body and vocal language and gain insight into what is really meant.

Techniques not taught on other courses for complete focus and being able to block out all other thought processes and external distractions.

Learning how you step into complete focus when required.

Reading your opposition

Visualization techniques  how to utilize them and when


This is only a small insight into what this course offers you to create the results you want and know you are ultimately capable of.

It is run over 7 days and includes full manual and additional material not available anywhere else and specific to this course.





To find out more information about the full benefits and content of the course please email to get our brochure and personal attention to your particular needs.

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