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The Professional NLP Practitioner Certification Training - ABNLP Accredited and specifically for therapeutic application  

Pre course study, exam and 6 days live training

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The Practitioner course is referred to by many as a "revelation".


NLP is fundamentally a "mental and behavioural mind map", and gives us understanding how those you interact with think, respond and also behave. In learning about others - you also learn about yourself and most practitioners leave the course having been through a roller coaster of personal change and emotions.


So, you are looking at an NLP course and have found 100's of them on the internet! What makes this one special?

Personal one to one attention, groups of a maximum of 10 people on the Emma James Training Courses and we only teach what we have a practical understanding of - IE we only teach what we prove every day.


The problems we have with NLP now are that the market is flooded with Trainers qualified in 12 weeks which ethically is a huge issue for me – this is why I left the industry for over 5 years and went back to University. Additionally, the on line training programmes that qualify people without any practical assessment or standards being met. I was wheeled out of retirement by a company I used to train for who were getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of expertise and no practical experience of what they were teaching.

What areas do we specialise in teaching NLP at Practitioner level?


Your trainer is a Psychologist with Bsc (Hons) Psychology and Msc in War and Psychiatry from the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neurology at Kings College University London. All the processes are also explained why and how they work on a neurological and cognitive level.


For those wishing to use NLP for their own personal development, you will gain communication, understanding and confidence and give you the skills to achieve the goals you will set. Not only can you change your own personal circumstances around, learn really effective communication & negotiation skills, clear all your emotional baggage which is holding you back, but you can also use the various techniques and thinking strategies to completely enhance your future success.


In a commercial environment the skills you will learn will enhance your language skills, negotiation and the ability to move business, teams, individuals and your own drive to create movement and results in any situation.


Managing confrontation, stress and being able to perform under pressure are all key elements of effective management and being able to instantly recognise a behaviour and respond immediately in their language system and gain clear agreement. The additional techniques you learn during the course also clear your own limitations you may have built up over a period of time and sharpen your own goals and drive.


In therapy application, you will learn the techniques which will assist people to change from the current problem they have to creating new behaviours and removing one olds. You will also learn how to do this linguistically if you are having to think on your feet!


From a professional perspective, NLP Practitioner Certification is an incredibly effective therapy which can help many people. Not only can you treat varying problems like phobias, low self-esteem, weight issues, social issues, past trauma problems and many other issues but the entire approach to treatment compliments a number of other therapies as well, as a qualified psychologist we have an integrative approach. The basis of Neuro Linguistic Programming is learning and understanding others through their communication and behaviour


It opens up communication on every level and gives insight into how that other person thinks and how they view their world and what happens within it. Frequently this is significantly different to our own but then gives you a unique opportunity to be able to then help that person overcome their problem or change their behaviour through various techniques you will learn on the course. The amazing thing about the NLP Practitioner Certification course is that so many people can use it for so much!

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