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From the basis of NLP grew the commercial training we have provided for our business partners.

We have run bespoke trainings simply for communication optimisation within the organisation to problem solving in the dynamics of multi million pound organisations.

The trainings we provide are based on communication models from NLP, psychology, group dynamics and also basic neuroscience from behavioural aspects in how we react and perceive ourselves and others in commercial environments.


Rather than optimising performane in business we are problem solvers, usually with inter departmental communication and management level issues. We have provided trainings for everything from training management how to effectively implement change without a strike, stop departments from warring with each other or not communicating at all and also management of change within a company strucure where professional boundaries are encroached.


Our trainings are based on the problems the clients bring to us and in essence this is what we provide:


Group Dynamic Training: Teaching departmens and teams how groups interact, so they can recognise and adapt behaviour instead of defensive reaction and judgment.


Effective Communication: Prresenting the basic behavioural aspects of group behaviour and recognising the different communication styles driven by individual behavioural patterns.


Dealing with Resistance: Departmental training for change management in communication to avoid resistance usually conjoined with a change in the management team.  


Our clients usually bring us the problems to solve. If you have a question you would like to discuss on how we could help you now, please email and begin an informal discussion.



How Does NLP Fit in the business model?

NLP in Business, Bespoke Communication and Negotiation/Relations Training