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Alright! We are happy you have made it this far!


By now you will have come across a number of companies offering NLP training, so, why would you consider us?


We offer small groups, a maximum of 10 people, taught without the jargon and from the boots up, simplifying some of the highly technical aspects and processes. Your train has been lecturing for over 12 years so she understands the importance of making concepts and processes simple, clear and easy to grasp. The emphasis on this is to give you clear understanding to develop the processes by yourself in time and find teh ones that work for your needs. The only areas we lecture in are those that we have personal lengthy experience in, therapy, group behaviour, performance and sport.


This way it means that the trainer is teaching you what they use on a clinical basis every day with clients, in business and in their own sporting and personal lives. There are no theorists and we believe in what we do. That makes us a training organisation not suited for those who either want to coast or are just certificate hunters. We take our craft seriously and with a practicality in mind and look that in our trainees.


That is because we want you to be the best you can be and take 100% out of every element of each course we teach.











The chain the courses follow are:


NLP Practitioner Certification Course £1200


This is the first level of training in NLP. The course, when passed, gives you an accreditation as an NLP Practitioner, verified by Emma James Training, an accredited training institute of the governing body, the ABNLP.

As well as the techniques and modules we teach, we also include an introduction to Time Line Therapy TM and Hypnosis. This give you additional tools and also insight into whether you would like to peruse Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy TM further and become qualified as a Practitioner in both or either discipline. The extra element, especially useful for demystifying techniques adn explaining why they work, is Emma's background on the neurological side of human psyche, ie. the hard science behind techniques. This, like the rest of the content, is brought in a form that makes sense to a person of any background.


Time Line Therapy ™ Certification and Accreditation:  £400


Once you have completed NLP Practitioner Certification you can take your training further by studying Time Line Therapy. A massively effective therapeutic technique that is a dissociative therapy technique. TLT is a way of removing past trauma and behaviour without making the client relive past events once again as so many other therapies do. This explanation really doesn’t even scratch the surface of Time Line Therapy and is a brief overview to one of the most fascinating and effective therapeutic tools in use.


Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification and accreditation:  £400


Hypnotherapy is one of the areas we have extremely strict guidelines on what we can teach you. Hypnotherapy is different to Clinical Hypnosis in that we use Time Line Therapy ™ to deal with the negative emotional states or trauma, and hypnotherapy to allow input of positive attributes and reframe.

It is different from clinical hypnotherapy, as we do not immerse the client straight into trauma and make them relive it – we have other therapeutic approaches to deal with the emotional states in a disassociated manner so the client does not have live through that trauma again.

You can only attend the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification if you have completed full NLP Practitioner accreditation as you must have completed the Milton Model application, covered in depth as you accredit yourself as an practicioner.




This is the next stage up from NLP Practitioner and it really takes you to the next level of understanding of the process and linguistic skills. Some of the most effective NLP skills and language frames are covered in the Masters course.

Quantum linguistics to engage the unconscious and elicit answers without conscious thought patterns, values, Cartesian co-ordinates and so much more which will take your therapeutic, strategic, negotiation and behavioural assessment skills far beyond that on Practitioner level. You can take your therapeutic and intervention work to a purely linguistic level with the language skills taught, and you will also learn techniques to use when you have limited time and require maximal reframe or shift.


Be warned though - this is a tough course. Although fun and absorbing, it is also personally challenging. We always ensure you have personal support throughout the course, hence why we always keep the numbers small.


You have 2 choices. You can either do NLP Practitioner Certification ONLY which is 7 days and £1300 or you can opt to do the full 14 days at £2500 which includes Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner and includes 2 full days of therapeutic work with a client for your assessment.



Course Structure and Fees

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