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Emma Ylitalo-James

Bsc Psy (Hons), Mres, MABNLP, MATLTA, MABH

Emma James powerlifter

With part of the Sports & Olympic Committee in Nepal

Consultant for the Media

Author of Rebel Diet and writer for publications


Emma James Training is committed to specific training and assessment of Neuro Linguistic Programming in the areas of therapeutic application, sports application and performance enhancement.


A brief background of the founder of Emma James NLP Training

Emma Ylitalo-James is a psychologist and has been an NLP Trainer for 12 years and was the first to run therapy and sport specific NLP Training in the UK.

She is currently back at University in research in neuropsychology and war and psychiatry, progressing her academic career.

She has also been a therapist for over 15 years specialising in eating related disorders, social anxiety, sport and performance related issues.


She has experience in lecturing in over 20 different countries, including the USA, Nepal, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia.

Working with companies and institutions including British Airways, Ducati, Volvo, the NHS, the RAF and the MOD to mention a few has given her unique insight in multitude of areas for application of NLP and psychological approaches. The work has been in areas ranging from communication issues and problem solving to sales, ground support performance and understanding group behaviour and performance.

Also amassing personal experience in sports as an 9 time World Champion, 17 time European Champion and 26 time British Champion with 30 years international competing experience and the role of the President in the British Powerlifting Union.


Emma believes you need to have experience in the area you are lecturing and that is where the phrase “train with those who prove it – not theorise” comes in.


She now runs limited courses and intertwines her research with the NLP courses to give you better understanding of the neurological factors affecting the techniques used. This allows you to think more laterally and increased flexibility when utilising what you have learned.


Our Standards

We have a “no sell” policy. In other words, the techniques used are never used with the group as a marketing tool, the ethos being that if you enjoyed and benefitted from the training, then you wish to carry on with us in other trainings. Emma herself originally trained with Dr Tad James, the founder of the ABNLP, our governing body.


Our Approach

The approach is a non happy clappy one! Psychology and NLP isn’t “magic”.

It is a highly logical end product of a combination psychological approaches meshed together. We also believe in the “human” element which many other NLP trainers with no therapy background find difficult to apply.

Therefore, as people, we are constantly challenged and our perceptions change on a daily basis. We sometimes have to go through negative stages to reach positives in a natural progression and the ideal of being “fixed” 24/7 takes the human natural element out of that.


If you want tree hugging and mysterious techniques that just work then my trainings are not for you. If you want practical pragmatic learning with a lot of humour then please contact me!


These are some of the institutions and companies Emma has worked with


Taught and Accredited for:

Royal Air Force

Nepal Sports Council and IOC

Northern Ireland Sports Council

Rape Crisis

Lancashire Women’s and District Trust


British Airways


Wurth Electronics

EDF Energy

Midas Trading

National Health Service

Riyadh Women’s College, Saudi Arabia (by appointment of the Royal family)

Portugal NPL - Lisbon

Manchester United Football club

Ministry of Defence

HSBC Mortgages PLC

IronPsyche International Tour – USA

Lebannon FC - Beirut


Lectured at:

Solgar International Masterclass

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu

YES Group

Nepal Sport Council

Performance in Sport – Warsaw, Poland

ABNLP International Conference – USA

International NLP Sport Conference – Ghent Belgium

NLP Conference – Bournemouth

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