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NLP Certification for therapy application and personal development

We prove it - not theorise

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12 years experience delivering courses with International Accredited Lecturer, Author, World Champion and Therapist

Emma James Training

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Professional Neuro Linguistics Accredited Institute for over 12 years


NLP Training Therapy

International Psychologist, Author, Lecturer and Trainer & World Champion

NLP Training Performance & Personal Self Advancement

NLP Training  for Sport

You trainer is a psychologist and therapist with 15 years experience. Pragmatic training for effective use of NLP techniques and approaches coupled with multidisciplinary linguistic application for therapeutic change.

For individuals and companies in high pressure environments from hedge fund managers to actors, to the RAF to professional boxers. High level performance specific NLP Certification designed with neurological emphasis on the automated processes of decision making under pressure.

My corporate clients include British Airways, Volvo, Wurth, Ducati and many more.

The individual, small groups and personal tailored attention is paramount. Many of our clients train with us to excel on a personal basis, advance and attain thier goals and interation.


8 times world champion, 30 years international competing, President of the British Powerlifing Union, lecturer and therapist to some of the top names in professional sport, All sport courses are taught from an application and competitor perspective. She has been teaching NLP for sport for over 10 years with true credentials.