NLP Certification for therapy application and personal development

Exclusive NLP Training for Therapy Application and personal development brought to you by the leading therapist and TV & Radio Expert commentator and author Emma James, with years of experience running trainings in Europe, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, the USA and Africa teaching effective techniques for therapy amd personal development.
If you are looking for a course which teaches you the pure professional therapeutic techniques of NLP application based on real experience, not theory, plus a direct approach and no "happy clapping" then our methods of delivery may be for you.
It is about keeping the groups small, providing fun, informative and REAL LIFE pragmatic training you can use when you leave and integrate into your already existing practise or beginning as new.
Passion for what you do is essential on my courses and I welcome those who are already qualified in other disciplines as NLP can work well as a complimentary additional tool.
For personal development........well you learn all this plus get a week of therapy!

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